January 24th 2016

The College of Psychic Studies.
Celebrating 90 years at 16 Queensberry Place 1926-2016.
An exhibition of Art and Artefacts from the College archives.

This outing offered an extremely rare opportunity for us to take a peek into a small part the College’s most treasured possessions, many of which had not been displayed for 90 years and may not be put on display again for another 90 years!

The College was formed in 1884 on the initiative of Stainton Moses, an Anglican minister, schoolmaster.  He was also a powerful amateur medium, under the pseudonym M.A.Oxon.
From 1926 – 1930 the whole of the top floor at the College was leased to Harry Price, Psychic Investigator for his ‘National Laboratory of Psychical Research’.

Nowadays the College is regarded as a training centre for Personal and Spiritual Development, Psychic & Mediumship development, Working with Your Guides and Angels, Inspirational & Automatic Writing, Past Lives Exploration, Shamanism, Palmistry, Remote Viewing, Tarot, Scrying, Crystals and the College Accredited Healing Course.

There is a notable total lack of informative courses relating to Physical Mediumship.

This morning myself, Emily, Hazel and Susan shared the car journey to London.  Starting out at 8.20am our journey began.  It has to be said, that I absolutely detest London and only the strong draw of attraction towards this exhibition caused me to set aside my negative feelings. 
Note:  Emily is best placed to describe an incident that occurred prior to our leaving...her write-up will be offered at the bottom of this blog.

To lighten the journey Charles (in spirit) had offered us puzzling clues to encourage further interest, and I had joined by offering a series of clues to the other passengers on the day.  These amusements, along with snacks and familiar music would have eased the trials of the journey, had there been any!

As it was, we arrived at the Millenium Hotel, where we had pre-booked parking at reasonable cost, just a short walk from our destination.

Upon arrival at the College we took a look at the imposing building, typical of many in that area of London.  On the front of the building a new plaque, in honour of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (College President 1926-1930) had newly been unveiled.

We received a pleasant welcome into the building, and immediately felt the familiar energy emanating from our surroundings...in fact all of us sat down before 'settling' to tour.

There were nine rooms to visit, spread over four floors.  Everything was well displayed, descriptions well written (although perhaps lacking in detailed explanation) and the photographs and prints clearly protected.  Frankly all of us felt privileged to be able to view such treasures and wanted to move in and stay there for a month!   


Trumpets that must have seen many a levitation!  They used to be in regular use and are now standing like relics from bygone days...when in fact they need not, for Spirit is willing...

Photographic Anomalies...

This green light anomaly appeared on this photograph (taken during our visit) and is unexplained.

The photographs below were taken in sequence during our visit.  The second face appearing blurred...then the face appears narrowed and a smile (lip corners tilting upwards) seems to appear in the fourth photo.  What do you think?

An awe inspiring and valuable display....

A glass cabinet filled with writings in question and answer format. 
These books represent hours and years of dedicated love and devotion for the subject...

Fantastic photos...

Spirit photographs in their original albums....all of them a treasure! 
What was appreciated so much by us all about this experience is that we have heard about these artefacts, and seen copies of photographs etc on the internet or written about in reports....but here we were able to see the actual original photographs themselves! 

Precious evidence....

Real hair cut from a materialized person during a scientifically sound seance, and a piece of Katie Kings gown, materialized in a witnessed and well validated séance!   Far from just seeing photographs of these things...we were, today, actually able to see 'the real thing!!!!

Slate writing...writing appears between sealed board...

Speaking with the curator of the display it was found that as she unwrapped a number of items for display they were still in their original wrappings from more than ninety years ago.  Such precious records! It is such a shame they can only be on display for a short period for fear of light degeneration. 
Nothing beats seeing these labours of love up close and personal...well, except being there and seeing it happen in person of course!

Photographs, written and printed reports...many usually stored away.

A very small part of the vast precious collection of apports held in store by the College...

As far as we are aware the College has no plans to display such treasured artefacts again in the near future.  If, like us, you feel that the evidence was originally offered with an intent for such informational knowledge to be shared, and would like the College to reconsider their option to again display, please write to them to demonstrate your interest. 
The College of Psychic Studies
16 Queensberry Place
South Kensington
London SW7 2EB

Finally...Emily's description of the incident that occured outside of the College (as mentioned at the start of this blog)

Upon our return to the college following a trip to a nearby café, we walked along a few quiet roads, passing a group of young male youths loitering on a corner.  As we walked past them and turned the corner, I noticed one of them swiftly break from his group of peers and walk alongside us…to my right. 
Hazel was to the front left of our group, Sue next to her and Chris next to her, with myself walking behind all three.  As the pavement widened the male moved ahead of myself, so he walked directly beside Chris’s right side. 

During discussions after the incident it seemed Hazel and I had noted the episode as it occurred, whereas Chris and Sue hadn’t.  So I will report both of our observations.  Basically Chris was walking holding her large handbag by hand, so it hung down by her right side (the side nearest the male).  Hazel said her personal ‘alert levels’ picked up and she looked directly at him as if to say “what are you doing?”. 
The next thing that happened was both concerning and pretty amazing at the same time!  
The young man, obviously with his own intentions (we believe he was intent upon taking Chris’s handbag) pulled a ‘flick knife’ out of his pocket!  But, thankfully he didn’t get a chance to use it, as the knife suddenly fell with force from his hand, swiftly hitting the ground to the right of himself, some feet away!
Now, if he had just dropped the knife surely it would have fallen at his feet somewhere?  This knife appeared to fall, as if it had been ‘invisibly’  hit from his hand, causing it to travel some considerable distance, and with some force behind it. 
He quickly picked up the knife and scarpered!
So, yes, potentially a scary situation if he had in fact succeeded with whatever his plan was…but as we are pretty certain that there was an amount of ‘spiritual intervention’ taking place, which in itself is pretty amazing, the incident showed us once again just how well we are looked after!

Note: The following morning a song, never previously heard by myself, was offered forward..it appears appropriate in the circumstances.  Song

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